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Easy Piercing Soft Cleansing Gel


Developed specifically for the daily cleaning of piercings, Easy Piercing® Soft Cleansing Gel is hypoallergenic and moisturising. With a formula adjusted to the skin's pH, it respects the balance of the cutaneous flora and allows frequent and effective cleaning of piercings. Pack of 50ml.

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How to use:

  • Wash your hands properly with Easy Piercing Soft Cleansing Gel and water.
  • Apply the Soft Cleansing Gel a little on a cotton swab. Clean the piercing gently with care to remove the scabs and debris around the wound.
  • Wet with warm water and clean with disposable cotton swab


  • It is very important to clean the piercing before disinfecting it.
  • The antiseptic is much more effective on clean, dry skin.

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